About the Baltimore Integration Partnership


Who We Are


A collaborative partnership of anchor institutions, funders, nonprofits and public organizations focused on establishing economic inclusion as the business culture of norm in the Baltimore region.


Our Premise


Anchor institutions are already central to the health and prosperity of our communities.  Anchors are the region’s most powerful allies, providing the strongest opportunities to advance economic inclusion and positive economic growth for local citizens and small business owners.

BIP 2.0 will support its anchor partners in developing and implementing economic inclusion policy  and practice that will not only be highly impactful on its own, but also establish a proven business model applicable to other industry sectors.

BIP 2.0 Goals for Baltimore and the region

  • To connect local, small and minority-owned businesses to anchor procurement opportunities in Baltimore and the region
  • To encourage and leverage anchor real estate investment for the intentional benefit of the broader community and small businesses
  • To insure equitable opportunities and connect low income residents to jobs within anchors and anchor-supporting businesses 


Focus for Progress and Success


BIP collective actions are focused on the following:

  • Removing barriers to facilitate the participation of local/small/minority business in anchor purchasing
  • Leveraging and supporting anchor real estate investments and small business investment to intentionally maximize benefit for surrounding communities
  • Removing barriers to access and training for increased hiring of local and minority residents by anchors and anchor supporting businesses
  • Proving the overall business benefit of economic inclusion policy and practice, ultimately creating a model for other industry sectors to adopt 

The Partnership is funded by the national Living Cities Integration Initiative AND generous local support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Goldseker Foundation, Associated Black Charities, The Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative and the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers (ABAG). ABAG acts as a backbone organization, coordinating and staffing the partnership. 


Please view the PowerPoint below to learn more about the Partnership and its work here in Baltimore.


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Anchor Institution

Initiatives and Activities

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data and research

Baltimore Integration Partnership Anchor Procurement Guidance - Summary Presentation


Anchor institutions in Baltimore are working to strengthen minority and local purchasing to create jobs and local economic opportunities.  This summary presentation made to BIP anchor institutions and other stakeholders identifies common findings, strengths, challenges and recommendations from an assessment of policies and processes of five participating institutions.

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